How Long do Chameleons Live – The Chameleon is a reptile with the ability to change color. It lives mainly in the trees, bushes or shrubs of Africa (Kenya or Tanzania), but also in Europe where the only living species is the common chameleon. It resides in forest areas or wet brushy plains at altitudes up to 2000. This curious medium-sized animal is protected by the European Union, unfortunately, in North Africa, chameleons are often the target of poachers.

How Long do Chameleons Live

How Long do Chameleons Live?


All chameleons are carnivores, specifically insect eaters: they hunt insects or small lizards. Some species also consume plants (tree leaves or fruits). Their diet may vary depending on their species or their size.


With respect to the reproduction of the chameleon, the duration of gestation may vary depending on the species, it usually lasts one to two months, but can last for almost 6 months in some. Most chameleons are oviparous, i.e. they lay their eggs in the soil. However, some species remain ovoviviparous, that is, the eggs remain in the belly of the female until the latter hatches. The female can lay between 20 and 30 eggs. A chameleon male saw 5 to 6 years, but some live 10 years.