How to Cut a Cat's Nails

How to Cut a Cat’s Nails


Cats have eighteen nails, ten on their front paws and eight on their hind paws, and it is recommended to cut them every two to three weeks approximately depending on the activity and routines they have. It is a process that can be complicated at first and certainly your cat will be nervous. But don’t worry, follow the steps we propose to follow and make your pet’s nail care a comfortable and enjoyable time for both of you. Keep in mind that the nail clip should not last more than 10 minutes, this way you will avoid impatience and nervousness.

How to Cut a Cat's Nails
How to Cut a Cat’s Nails


Steps to learn how to quickly and effectively cut cat nails :

  1. Choose the moment and reassure your cat. You should make your pet get used to touching his paws, so he gently caresses her while caressing other parts of his body that he likes best. It’s best to get used to your feline since he’s a kitten. Choose a moment when he is calm and relaxed, and if he is frightened or uncomfortable and wants to let go, do not stop him, look for another moment later to continue. Put it on your lap and make him comfortable, then put his paws between your hands and gently caress them every day, even if you do not want to cut his nails. Each time you stroke his paws, he rewards his good behavior with the treats or snacks he likes.
  2. It begins to cut gradually. And choose the right tools for your cat’s nail care and hygiene. At Tiendanimal we have different manicure accessories and who will facilitate this task according to your needs and those of your animal. Choose the most practical nail clipper for your furry friend. Once you have all the accessories at hand, it is time to start with the task. Put your cat on your lap with its back and back facing you. He holds the nail clipper in one hand and one of his paws on the other hand. He grabs one of his fingers and gives her a gentle massage so that he remains calm. At this point, he presses his paw so that the nail comes out. It starts by cutting the tip of the nail and continues little by little, but never reach a pink inner vein that runs through each of your nails, as you would hurt them and start bleeding.
  3. Use the nail clipper correctly. Cut the nails one by one and make sure the cut is from top to bottom to prevent the nail from breaking. Be careful not to cut too much! If you are unsure of where the vein begins, it is better to cut the nail less. In this process, you should always stay calm and go slowly, even if your cat meows. At first, you may only be able to cut two or three nails. Don’t worry, wait for another chance until you master the technique.
  4. Reward your cat. Choose a special treat for your pet and give it after cutting your nails. If you only use this treatment for this hygienic moment, your pet will associate it with the nail clipper and know that after such a delicate process you will get a delicious prize and do less resistance in the future.
  5. Check the condition of your nails. According to each feline the nails grow at a different rate. We recommend cutting them every two to three weeks to prevent them from becoming too long and breaking. Check your cat’s nails regularly and give it the care it deserves.


What are the benefits of cutting your cat’s nails?

Caring for cat nails is necessary so that they can explore the world and relate to others of their kind. Their scratches leave visual and olfactory marks that serve to communicate with others. What’s more, scratches release stress and when they live in a natural environment they need to have their claws sharp to hunt their prey.

Cats need to sharpen their nails alone, scratching is an innate behavior in cats. So that they do not do this in your furniture, curtains, armchairs and other household items, it is essential that they have a scratching board or scratching board, a toy that they love and which satisfy their instinct, and serve to lengthen your muscles, take care of your claws and communicate with other cats. Tiendanimal has a large catalog of scratchers of all shapes and sizes that are ideal for sharpening your nails and can be placed anywhere in the home.


Taking care of cat nails is very important for their physical and mental health and to avoid possible scratches while playing . In addition, you can cut them yourself by following the steps in the previous section, and thus prevent them from breaking. However, if you think you are not able to do it correctly, another option is to go to the vet, he can help you in this process with his advice and tricks. It is also practical to trim his sharp nails if he is prone to scratching, fluffing, etc.

When do you choose to cut your cat’s nails? Which accessory is most practical for you and your pet? How long do you cut your nails? What scratcher do you have at home?