Veterinary explains that it is always good to seek an expert since the nails of the Cats are vascularized

Cats are known to have powerful claws and cause deep bruising on their tutors or other humans. That’s why many people choose to cut their fingernails, preventing them from being large and pointy. But you need to know how to cut the cat’s nail properly to avoid hurting the pet.

How to Cut Cat's Nail

How to Cut Cat’s Nail

The veterinarian Carolina Ferreira, a specialist in Cats, explains why the incorrect handling of the nail of cats can cause pain in the animal. “The nails have vascular terminations, as well as that of dogs, which when affected can cause pain and bleeding.”


As many tutors cannot distinguish the vascularized part of the part without nerve termination, the ideal is for a professional to make this cut. “I always recommend cutting done by specialists, because there is a limit on the cut,” advises Carolina. However, if the owner still wants to do it at home, he needs a specific cutter.

The guillotine shaped cutter is ideal for trimming the nails of the puss. Always cut slowly, to make sure you’re not picking up the vascularized part of the animal’s fingernail. “This cut should be done with a space of 20 or 30 days, depending on the speed of the growth of the cat’s fingernail,” explains the veterinarian.

Carolina Finalizes explaining that it is not necessary to screw the nail of the pet. “Using scrapers makes the nails wear out too.”