How to Get the Cat Away from Danger

How to Get the Cat Away from Danger


How to Get the Cat Away from Danger – The cat is a very curious cat, and as it is sometimes can get into places where it could be in danger. Keep it at home requires then take a series of security measures whose purpose is to protect our dear friend but without depriving him of fun.

Get the Cat Away from Danger

Whether the furry one is very calm or if on the contrary, he is nervous, we have to know how to get the cat away from danger. There are several situations in which you will find yourself throughout your life, and some of them may be more harmful than others.


What dangers are there at home?

The cat that lives at home will spend several minutes a day exploring, again and again, their territory. We, as humans, are imperfect. What does this mean? Well, no matter how good our memory, we can sometimes leave on the table, another piece of furniture or the floor potentially dangerous objects that the cat might want to use to play, such as ropes, loops, tiny balls, or any other light thing that any cat could lift. All these things we have to keep in a drawer so that no problems arise. In addition, you should not have toxic plants or toxic products at your fingertips.

But we can not forget the cables either. We live in an increasingly technological world, and of course, our homes are full of cables. The computer, the television, the microwave, … virtually everything we use daily at home is electric. Those who live with felines have to wrap the cable with something, as with drip tubes used in gardening or cardboard.

And what about the windows? An open window, especially if you live on a second floor (or higher) can be the difference between having a live cat and a dead one. I’m sorry to say so, but it’s the harsh reality. There are many cats that have the parachutist cat syndrome, and suffer the consequences for it. In milder cases, your fractures will need only a few weeks to heal, but in more serious cases your life could be in danger. That is why, before taking the animal to the house, we have to protect all the windows with a protective net for cats that we will find for sale in any pet store.



And abroad?

Urban environment
When you live in a town or a very populated town you do not have to let the cat out, as it is very likely that it will not survive more than 1 or 2 years. The dangers are many and varied: cars, bad people who treat animals fatally, poisons, diseases, … The risk of losing and/or dying is so high that, really, I insist, if you want your furry not let him leave the house under no circumstances.

Rural environment
When living in the countryside, on the outskirts of a village or in a village, the cat can live as a cat; that is, you can go out for a spin because the dangers you will encounter are minimal. Minimal, but also dangerous: poisons, bad people (hunters), dogs or other large animals.

For all these reasons, we just have to let it out if we know for sure that we are in a safe area. And still, if we have doubts it will always be better to teach him to ride with a harness from a puppy, or even buy a stroller (no kidding) for small animals, which would be like a wheeled carrier.

My experience
I live almost on the outskirts of a town of about 4 thousand inhabitants. The street was one of the quietest, but in recent times, with the growth of the population as more and more cars pass by; Not many, but they happen more than before. In December of 2017, they ran over one of my cats, Bicho, a Pantera who was then eight months old.

Although it took him about a month to get back on track, that is, it was not anything so serious that he could not heal himself, it made me rethink whether or not to let my cats out when I became independent. You see, one of my dreams is to move to live in a country house. Until that moment I was convinced that I would let my cats out, which are five because the idea was to buy one whose plot was fenced. But after what happened, I’ve become more overprotective.