The cat is an extremely clean animal that can devote many hours of its day to cleaning itself and is also an exceptional domestic animal that retains its hunter instinct and is exploitative and independent. For all these reasons we sometimes believe that you need less care than a dog, but this is a serious mistake as there are so many diseases that a cat can get.

How to Clean a Cat's Ears

How to Clean a Cat’s Ears

Proper nutrition, as well as good hygienic habits, will help our pet to maintain optimum health, among these healthy habits we should highlight the hygiene of the ears since they can act as a gateway for multiple pathogens and maintain them clean is very important.

But how should we do it? Don’t worry, in this myfriendlypets article we show you how to clean the cat’s ears step by step.


How to Clean a Cat’s Ears

Steps to follow:

The first and foremost thing is to avoid stress on our cat, otherwise, chaos will associate this habit with something negative and we will not make it easier and easier to clean it. That is, cleaning your ears is becoming an increasingly difficult process for both us and the cat.

How to calm our cat?

Start with affection and a kind tone of voice, you should get the cat to interpret your gestures as a game so you can completely relax. The cat must find the ideal position to begin cleaning.

If it is a puppy, we can put it on our legs, on the other hand, in the case of adult cats it is better to put them on a bench or table that is up to us.

Is it impossible to calm your cat?

If all of the above doesn’t work, you can always choose to add some of the many natural cat tranquilizers to this strategy.

The second step is to review the cat’s ears, as it is always very important that as owners we are alert to any signs or symptoms that might indicate the presence of any disease.


The presence of parasites, excessive wax, foul odor, scabs or wounds may be indicative of some pathology such as ear infections or ear infections. Therefore, it is advisable to use the veterinarian to evaluate the condition. your cat’s health.

On the contrary, the absence of these signs along with a pale pink ear canal indicates a good state of health.

To start ear cleaning we should start from the outside, for that we just need a damp towel and the cleaning product we usually use for your bath, of course, it should be a cat-specific shampoo.

With the towel and shampoo, wipe the outer and hairy part of the ear, then remove any shampoo residue that may have remained in the cat’s ear.

The cleaning of the inside of the ear must be done with extreme caution so as not to compromise the structures in the auditory hall, for this you only need a cotton gauze, preferably sterile.

Wrap the gauze around your finger and gently insert it into the ear canal to make the wax come off and the ear pavilion clean.

Nothing else is needed, but we should know that we can count on another alternative, the cat-specific earplugs, which have a comfortable applicator and dissolve the wax.

To keep your cat’s ears in perfect condition, you should know that this procedure should be done every two weeks. To prevent any complications, when you bathe your cat, you should cover your ears with two cotton balls. This mode prevents water ingress, which could cause damage to the ear canal.

If you notice any anomaly, it is essential to consult the veterinarian to identify if it is a disease or there is a problem that should be treated. Some indicators of health problems may be the presence of dark wax, a yeast-like odor or the appearance of parasites.