How to Preserve a Butterfly

How to Preserve a Butterfly 1
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How to Preserve a Butterfly – If you love butterflies, a way to preserve your beauty is to frame them. The problem is that they are delicate and easily damaged. The other problem is that they can get dehydrated and brittle very quickly after they die. To preserve the beauty of a butterfly, you will need to first moisturize and gently put it in a picture holder.

How to Preserve a Butterfly


  1. Find a butterfly that you can preserve for the framing. Instead of catching live butterflies and kill them for the framing, look for dead butterflies, near gardens and woody areas.
  2. Create a relaxing chamber for the butterfly. As long as the wings of a dead butterfly are well sealed together, with strength, opening them will shatter their wings. You have to relax the butterfly, so they can be flexible and can be moved without breaking. An airtight container can be used as a relaxing chamber for the butterfly.
  3. Moisturize The butterflies in your relaxing chambers. If you are using an airtight container, place four layers of damp paper towels on the bottom of the container. Place a lid of the mouth washing in the container. Cut a wire mesh the same size as the Hermetic container and place over the damp towel inside the container. Place the butterfly on the wire mesh and close the container hermetically. Let the butterfly stay in the relaxing chamber for at least two days.
  4. Check that the butterfly wings are relaxed. If the butterfly has been rehydrated and relaxed, you should be able to move your wings without damaging them. Remove the butterfly from the relaxing chamber and let it dry. Make sure you get the butterfly on your chest and not on your wings when you’re taking it from the camera.
  5. Preserve the butterfly for the framing. Take a large chunk of Styrofoam about 1 foot on the other side and cover with butter paper. Fetch the butterfly from your thorax using a pin. Pin the butterfly on the styrofoam for your thorax. Spread the wings of the butterfly, using a pair of tweezers. The wings should be placed horizontally on the styrofoam. Place a waxed paper strip over each wing and secure them. Leave the butterfly in that position for seven days.
  6. Carefully remove the pins, the wings of the butterfly after a week to prepare the preserved butterfly for the framing. Do not remove the pin from your thorax. Remove the butter paper on the butterfly. Clip the wings again in the Styrofoam and slide it into an image frame.

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