How to Tell if a Cat is in Heat

How to Tell if a Cat is in Heat?


When a cat is in the heat it is difficult not to notice, some breeds may be more discreet than others, but in general, they communicate perfectly when they are in heat.

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, it may be good to know when you are in heat, so keep reading this article of the Expert and know the symptoms of a cat in heat.

In addition to the usual symptoms about the cats in heat, we will also show you some curiosities and information about sterilization.

How to Tell if a Cat is in Heat


Minimal Features

The cats in the heat emit characteristic features that are much longer than the usual meows, in addition to being stronger and with a much larger volume.

In addition to the constant meows, the cats roar on the ground, writhing and raise their genitals pointing to our faces. It is also common to rub on our legs more often than normal.

There are also characteristic meows as they cross, the typical cry of cat crossing.

When the cats are in heat their genital organs get inflamed and lick more often, but they may not bleed, it depends a lot on a cat to cat. Some cats may eventually mark the territory with a very strong urine when they are in heat.



Seducing the males

Another characteristic of the cio of the cats is that they are seductive with all the male beings of the house, independently of the age of the human being. Other male pets are also seduced by female felines.

If you do not close the door to your bedroom, it is likely that the cat will enter your room (usually at dawn) to mourn and make you know what your needs are.


Light and heat

It has been demonstrated that the estrus times in cats are more frequent from the beginning of spring, prolonging these periods of heat until the end of the summer. This phenomenon is related to the greater hours of sunlight. It has also been shown that short-haired cats have longer periods of estrus than long-haired cats.

Apparently, the cat’s instinct considers that in a longer period of sunlight, it is easier to raise her litters because she will hunt for more food.


Sterilization of the cats

Cats can be sterilized and the problem of heat disappears, except for a few times that the cat can simulate a very mild heat. There is a false theory that says that for cats to be healthier they must have puppies at least once. That is not true.

You should know that the sterilization of the cats can decrease the chances of having tumors when they grow. It also makes them more stable.