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Why does My Cat Lick My Hair?


Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair – Cats are able to find fun in things that may be insignificant for humans: a box, a paper ball, something they find lying on the floor or on the table, including their hair! All these are elements capable of entertaining the cats for some time.

Why does My Cat Lick My Hair

When it is your hair that is part of the joke, is it possible that you are rewarded with good cat licking, causing you to wonder why my cat licks my hair? Does he like the taste or is there another hidden reason?


Why cat lick another cat?

It is not difficult to realize that personal hygiene is extremely important for cats. The cats devote several hours a day to hygiene and this is reflected in their clean and shiny coat.

In addition, if you have more than one cat at home you should have already asked about what it means when a cat licks another cat. Cats lick each other when they belong to the same social group. This is a way of reaffirming the bond that unites them and of sharing the same odor between them.

Why does My Cat Lick My Hair 1

So when the cat starts to suck and lick your hair, you should feel happy because the cat thinks you are part of his group. In addition, he wants to share the same odor as a way to integrate you into the feline family and recognize each other, while eliminating unwanted and unfamiliar odors.


The human needs a bath …

This is what it looks like your cat is thinking about when he starts licking his hair vigorously. Hygiene is one of the unquestionable reasons why your cat licks your hair. It is very common for the cat to try when he sees the tutor lying down and even when you are sleeping because he would like to enjoy a relaxing bath before napping.

The taste buds of cats are designed not only to detect flavors but also to clean any accumulated dirt on the surfaces. For this reason, the tongue of felines has a rough texture that looks more like sandpaper. It does not matter if you use the most expensive products on the market in your hair, nor the exhaustive care you have with it. If the scent is unpleasant to the feline, he will prefer to scent his hair with a much more pleasant odor: his saliva.

On the other hand, it can also happen that the cat adores the smell of your shampoo or the softener you use and this causes him to nibble on your head.



A very personal show of affection

Many experts guarantee that: cats do not lick other beings (cats, dogs, humans, etc.) unless they have a great affection for them. For this reason, when your cat licks you, your sincere love for you is shown.

It’s exactly the same if he tries to lick his beard. It is a way of repaying the caresses, the affection and all the attention you give him, in an equally loving way. You’ve probably noticed that your cat does not lick every member of the family back home. This is because the cat only licks the closest humans and friends, who are part of the feline’s own family, only these have a privileged treatment.


What if I bite?

Some cats start by licking their hair and end up with small bites, which can be on the same hair or on the scalp. If that’s the case, your cat wants to play with you!

Licking and nibbling your hair is one of the ways the cat has to tell you that you are upset and it’s time to have fun playing. If you notice it, it’s exactly the same behavior he has with cats that he considers playmates.


Do you suffer from compulsive behavior?

Cats relieve stress and nervousness in different ways. Among them, we should mention the mania of sucking or licking the hair in a repetitive and restless way. The cat may lick its own hair in this way, even causing wounds. It can also happen that the compulsion causes you to lick your hair when you have it around (like when you share the bed or sofa with it).

In any case, it is relatively easy to detect this abnormal behavior by the insistence with which the cat repeats the action. It is important to visit the veterinarian to determine the source of the problem and to verify whether it can, in fact, be a stereotype


What to do if you do not like the cat lick you?

Despite all the positive reasons we describe for the cat to lick the hair, there are people who are uncomfortable with this behavior and do not know how to make the cat understand that behavior is not desired.

If you are one of these people, do not despair: with the recommendations we give you, the cat will stop licking your hair in a short time:

  • When the cat starts to lick, do not caress or talk to him. These stimuli reinforce behavior because in the cat’s mind licking is something positive.
  • As soon as the cat touches your tongue in your hair, move away from where you are. The cat will understand that you did not like it because this is a common reaction among cats.
  • If you do not want to get out of bed, you can pull the sheets up to your head or put a pillow on top. However, there is a risk that the cat will think you are playing with it by hiding.
  • Give the pet a toy to get distracted.
  • Never shout or be derogatory, let alone be violent.