How to Tell If Your Canary Is Male or Female

How to Tell If Your Canary Is Male or Female
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There is only one method that is foolproof: if your canary lays eggs it is a female! Everyone else has some margin of error, so it is best to know different methods for determining the sex of the canaries, summing up the evidence and thus coming to a more accurate conclusion. If you want to learn how to differentiate males from canary females, this is the post you were looking for.


How to Tell If Your Canary Is Male or Female

How to Tell If Your Canary Is Male or Female
How to Tell If Your Canary Is Male or Female

1. Morphological Differences

In adult birds, morphological differences are visible that are evident to the trained eye. For example, males are slimmer, more athletic and have a more upright posture. Females are generally slightly smaller and the shape of their body and head is more rounded. The most accurate way to know if your canary is male or female is to look at the stool area during the heating season. To better see the area, we can blow the feathers or moisten them a little. Males have a bulge, also called a button, right at the exit of the stool. On the other hand, fertile females have a very flat abdomen that extends to the stool. In some types of canaries, the sexes may also be differentiated by coat color.

2. Differences in the behavior of adult canaries

The best time to differentiate males from females is in the breeding season, which begins in late winter or early spring, depending on the climate of the region. When birds in the park or garden begin their courtship, it is when canaries also begin to show differences in behavior depending on their gender. Males chant their strongest and most melodious songs to attract females. If they share the cage with a female, they will try to feed her in the beak and court her. Females start preparing the nestAt this time, they look for materials that serve to form a soft bed. Some may sing too, which can lead to confusion, but overall their singing is not as strong and not as beautiful as that of males. You have to take into account that males practically cease to sing in winter and during change.

3. Differences in the behavior of canary pups

Expert canary breeders have developed other methods for defining the sex of young when they are still in the nest. They are very many and with different degrees of effectiveness. Some say you need to gently tap the nest and see the reaction; males lower their heads and lift their tails while females seem unresponsive. Others place puppies on a towel or other material where they can hold their paws tightly. Leaving them like this, the males are more adventurous and begin to explore. Another behavior that is useful for identifying males is just before the first change when birds make their first attempts at singing.. Almost all who exhibit this behavior are males, although about 30% of females also try, due to the fact that this time is of great hormonal exchanges.

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