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Are Olives Bad for Dogs? Can My Dog ​​Eat Olives?


Are Olives Bad for Dogs – The olives are the perfect blend of salty and spicy, and are extremely versatile, but can my dog eat olives?

Mexican, Greek and Italian cuisines use the olives in fresh and unique ways, and they are also tasty just like cheesecakes with cheeses, crackers, and wine.

Are Olives Bad for Dogs


If your dog likes olives, but will your dog eat olives?

Are olives dangerous for dogs to eat?

The olives, black or green, are not bad for dogs if they came from the tree, but once humans put them in a saltine brine, leaving the olives less ideal for your dog to eat. As humans, we definitely consume a lot more salt than we really need, and the daily sodium intake for a dog is much lower than that of a human being.

A small olive has 24 mg of sodium, and …

… dogs only need 10 mg of sodium per day. Too much salt easily dehydrates your dog, especially when they are not accustomed to overeating sodium like humans. As in humans, it also leads to high blood pressure, a very real condition in dogs, especially overweight dogs and elderly dogs.

Green and black olives are not necessarily one worse than the other; it really depends on what they are conserved and the amount of sodium in each serving to decide which one is the least healthy.


Any olive your dog eats should be pitted. The dog may break a tooth (requiring an expensive anesthetic procedure to remove the broken tooth), the olive lump may pose a choking hazard in smaller dogs.


Check the ingredients before giving olives for your dog to eat

If you are a fond of stuffed olives, check …

… the ingredients of your olive. The stuffed olives are full of foods that are not good for your dog to eat, such as blue cheese, garlic or even onions.

Always check the ingredients and, if you do not know what the ingredients are, ignore sharing with your dog and give your dog a more appropriate treatment for your diet. Do the same with the simple variety of canned olives. High sodium is not the only thing you need to be aware of on the label. Make sure there are also suggestions of garlic or onion.

Olives will not kill your dog, but they can cause dehydration if your dog eats a lot of olives. Sodium in canned or canned olives is the only potentially dangerous part, but it is rather disturbing that you should probably keep the olives away from your dog.