Bringing a new pet home is certainly a fun and very joyful experience for all family members and being prepared for it can make it a lot more relaxed and light for all the members involved, especially when talking about puppies.

Puppies - Basic Preparation and Care

Puppies – Basic Preparation and Care

With that in mind, we have prepared a manual with everything you need to know before you receive puppies or an adult dog you have just adopted. We will see?


Puppy Care: What to Expect in the Early Days

The early days will be a very new experience and perhaps a little stressful for both you and the new pet, so patience and affection here should be the watchwords. This transition and adaptation phase should last a week or two, so until the new routine is in place, ready or ready to:

  • Accidents: Teaching dogs to do the right thing takes time, so always have plenty of newspapers, paper towels, and other cleaning products on hand. Products to remove these particular odors may also be a good idea.
  • Shyness: If you have brought home an adult or elderly dog, it is common for him or her to act shyly or hide from you. Give your pet time and space by slowly approaching and creating the bond between you.
  • Whining and crying, especially when you are a puppy dog: Use relaxing essences and diffusers and spend as much time as possible with the puppy so that he will soon begin to trust you.
  • Veterinarian Visits: Whether for vaccinations, routine checkups or any questions about strange behavior, always have a reliable veterinarian at your disposal.
  • Small pests: The pet may come home with fleas or ticks, so talk to your trusted professional about pet treatments, your home, and your garden.
  • Behavioral changes: Your dog will not come home knowing how to behave, so always use positive techniques to teach him to behave well and obey you.
  • Provide a comfortable space: Buy a crate and some toys for your puppy.

Valuable Tip: Never shout or hit puppies. This kind of “education” is not effective and can actually encourage misbehavior. 



Puppy Care: More Guidelines!

Puppies are curious and love to explore, so it’s important to hide electrical wiring, put screens on your windows if you live in an apartment, and keep fertilizer, chemicals, shoes, clothing, and other objects out of the puppy’s reach.

Especially for those with children at home, it is essential that contact between them and the new pet is supervised by an adult, avoiding accidents and trauma for both parties and allowing a friendly and healthy living for all.


How to choose the best dog food?

It seems obvious, but choosing the right feed for your puppy is critical to good growth. For this, be aware of the nutritional needs and especially for specific conditions of your new pet, such as diabetes, skin problems, among others. Only after this review, have a good professional to indicate the best ration!