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Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?


Why Does My Cat Stare at Me – Who has cat probably already felt being observed even in a dark environment? Those eyes shining in the darkness leave many tutors curious to know the reason for that look.

Why does My Cat Stare at Me

Cats love to watch their tutors.


Why Does My Cat Stare at Me

According to specialist KC Theisen, we usually imagine that the cat is staring at us and that is more of a belief that a behavior the cat is displaying.

This is often because cats’ eyes are different from ours and vision is also different. The fact that cats’ eyes shine in the dark is something that calls attention.


Also, cats do not need to blink as much as humans because this is something that helps in hunting. That’s the reason for that stare.

But when they are not following prey, their gaze usually smoothes.

He states that cats often look at their guardians in a protective and caring way, as a sign of the bond between you.