Toys for Bearded Dragons

10 Best Toys for Bearded Dragons


10 Best Toys for Bearded Dragons – Have you ever heard of bearded dragon toys? No? Me neither till closing week. A pal of mine, who’s additionally in love with bearded dragons, informed me that he offered a few toys for his dragon now and that he’s doing some little bit of playing and schooling together with his dragon.

In view that I’ve by no means heard of beardies playing with toys, I used to be very curious what kind of toys bearded dragons virtually use. With “use” I suggest undoubtedly playing or doing some thing with it.

When you consider that I am running this internet site here, I am continually up for something new; I am constantly up for some experiments so I can percentage my new impressions with you guys, my readers. Except that I additionally got two beardies and of course I need to entertain them.

I think that bearded dragons want some thing to do. They want a bit little bit of exercising. Not handiest for their physical fitness (maximum bearded dragons get too fat in a terrarium because of overfeeding) but additionally for their mental health.

Toys for Bearded Dragons

Out in the wild, they may be doing stuff the complete day, like looking or preserving other dragons away from their territory. What do they do in a terrarium? Right! Nearly zero.

Here is a list for you of the ten first-class toys and activities for bearded dragons. Wish you revel in!

No. 1 – get a ball for your bearded dragon

First, I comprehend it sounds easy and by hook or by crook fantastic. Bearded dragons playing with balls? It correctly seems like someone thinks that beardies are puppies, right? Well, maybe they aren´t that distinct from dogs as we idea, lol.

In truth maximum bearded dragons virtually play with a ball. Do they experience it? I do no longer realize, I don´t speak dragon language, but the dragon within the video underneath seems to experience showing the ball who´s the boss.

So that you see, dragons seem to love playing with balls, that’s brilliant. It does not best a super physical exercise for beardies, it additionally keeps them busy, which blocks them from getting depressed from sitting bored in the tank all day.

No. 2 – purchase or construct a swing or a hammock in your bearded dragon

Come on, who does no longer love swings? All people on this planet love swings and it looks like many animals also do. The bearded dragon is no exception right here. They like to climb on it or just lie on it, looking around judging anybody, haha.

This is additionally an excellent physical workout to your bearded dragon. Due to the truth that the swing actions when your dragon climbs on it some one of a kind muscles could be activated and skilled. It is a higher exercising for them than simply climbing on a rock.

If you need to buy a swing, you need to ensure that it’s far fabricated from exact and store cloth. Swings of horrific first-rate may want to harm your bearded dragon. Sadly, there are not a lot of swings you could purchase, which might be made for bearded dragons. If you do not need to build a swing your self, you can additionally do some thing comparable with a hammock in your bearded dragon.

Have a have a look at the article below where I’ve reviewed one of the first-class bearded dragon beds and provide an explanation for what fun stuff you can do to your dragon with a hammock.

No. 3 – get a bearded dragon leash

I used to be skeptical regarding leashes for bearded dragons. I was continually afraid that my dragons may not like the leash and hurt themselves after I put on the leash.

But there is no want to fear approximately that. My dragons got used to seeing the rope more than one days, and then I should put it on with none troubles.

Just think about the possibilities right here. You could take your bearded dragon for a stroll, which is a fantastic bodily and mental workout to your dragon. It prevents depression, and the sunlight is so precise for your bearded dragon.

You could even let your bearded dragon hunt wild insects as long as you go to the vet frequently. Please make certain that the grass wherein your dragon hunts were no longer handled with pesticide.

The dragon leash is simply one among my preferred bearded dragon toy/ pastime. Except that you can get a leash on your beardie for only a few greenbacks. Have a examine this article, in which I display you one of the great ropes for now not even $10!

No. 4 – get long tweezers

Yeah, I understand, most of you men likely don´t need tweezers or don´t want tweezers, because you revel in feeding your bearded dragons with out that stuff.

However, it is not surely approximately the feeding. Tweezers are splendid to play chase along with your bearded dragon. Truely grasp a cricket or a Dubai or some thing like that and display it in your dragon. Of course, as you recognize, your dragon maximum possibly will freak out and try to seize the food.

Permit your dragon run, climb and jump, and you’ll have a healthy bearded dragon. That is a wonderful exercise in your bearded dragon, due to the fact you simulate nature right here. Inside the wild bearded dragon hunt their meals all day.

Similarly, this isn’t always handiest exact in your bearded dragon. I wager you also are going to have some amusing gambling with your bearded dragon. ????

Note: please make certain which you don´t overdo it here. Play chase in your bearded dragon, but do now not do it too lengthy as it can be too much for your dragon in some unspecified time in the future.


No. 5 – meals in a package

Have you ever left your bearded dragon together with a clear box full of crickets on the ground? If now not, you must truly try it out. Your dragon will hunt the box like loopy to get the food internal.

It’s miles the same as letting your dragon hunt food with tweezers, but only for lazy human beings, haha.

No. 6 – get a mirror

Sounds weird, but is one of the first-class and maximum natural matters you can do on your bearded dragon. Location a reflect close to the tank of your bearded dragon, so that the dragon can see its personal mirrored image.

Study your dragon. It will begin to bob its head, or it’s going to do the bearded dragon wave. That´s due to the fact the beardie thinks that there’s an intruder. Bearded dragons are territorial and that they need to scare away the capacity competition, or they even show submissiveness by way of waving.

I might not the area the reflect near your tank all day. Maybe 15 mins each day, so your bearded dragon is busy but does no longer get confused out. The relaxation of the day you may just cover the reflect with something like a towel for instance.

This also works with two bearded dragons in two separate tanks. In case you place the tanks so that the bearded dragons can see each other, you will see their extremely good territorial behavior. Simply don´t vicinity them too close to every other.

No. 7 – swimming

You may not accept as true with it. However, bearded dragons are wonderful swimmers and that they find it irresistible! Have a examine this video under of a German guy who we could their dragons swim in his pond.
Incredible, isn´t it?

You could let your dragon swim for your pool in case you just use everyday water. You may additionally fill your bathtub with water and let it swim in there. Or you operate a garments hamper for that, as long as it has no holes it ought to paintings. If you have a pond, that likely would be the first-class! Allow it swim for your pond ????

Please make certain which you continually preserve a watch for your beardies even as they swim. They may be exact swimmers and maximum in all likelihood, not anything terrible will show up. However, you never recognize.

No. 8 – build caves for your dragon

I’ve located a tremendous substrate for bearded dragons which isn’t always risky and super for creating a notable looking bearded dragon habitat.

With this substrate, you may form hills or even caves for your bearded dragon tank. This way your bearded dragon can explore its habitat, and it may even dig its very own caves and tunnels.

The first-rate aspect approximately this substrate is, that it’s miles very cheap, it is very smooth to clean, and you could redesign it again and again. So you can create a completely new habitat on your bearded dragon without spending again and again.

This manner your bearded dragon can discover and does now not get too bored in its tank. However, do now not trade the habitat too regularly in a short period. That would pressure your dragon. You could do it each three months for example

No. 9 – climbing in your frame

Maximum likely you’re doing it already besides. However, it’s miles without a doubt well worth bringing up it on this listing. Letting you bearded dragon climb to your frame isn’t simplest a laugh for you, it’s also a terrific exercise on your beardie. Just ensure, which you do no longer overdo it right here. I recognize i may also do that all day, however we actually ought to give our dragons a rest occasionally, lol.

No. 10 – get out of the rain

If you live in the warm USA, you may also get outside with your bearded dragon while it rains and appearance how it reacts to rain. Have a take a look at the video underneath.

The dragon in the video went to the balcony while it commenced raining. It turned into now not pressured to do that. With the aid of the moves, it makes you may genuinely see, that it tries to swim a bit.
It’s miles simply having a good time, and it isn’t always distracted at all.

Continually make sure that your bearded dragon likes it. It may also be distracted using the rain and attempt to break out. Simply maintain an eye fixed in your beardie, and you will be great.

So that´s it guys, that is my top ten listing of the quality bearded dragon toys and activities.

What do you do together with your bearded dragon? Do you are taking it outdoor or permit it to climb on your body?

Did you try out some thing after analyzing this list? let´s speak approximately it within the remarks below! Just go away a remark, and I’m able to get again to you!

Have fun together with your bearded dragons!