Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs

Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs?


Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs?

Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs

Cucumbers can assist maintain human bodies hydrated, even as satisfying cravings. The crisp and crunchy inexperienced veggie is a high-quality, healthy snack for you and your buddies. But are cucumbers simply as right for dogs? Some veggies and fruits which might be good for you—like grapes and peppers—can truly reason your puppy useless harm. So, in which do cucumbers rank at the list? Are they wholesome on your pup to munch on, or have to you be involved about sharing a slice or from your salad? – cucumbers dogs eat

Are cucumbers secure for dogs to eat?

“there is no disadvantage to giving cucumbers for your puppy, that is if they may eat them,” says dr. Stephanie liff, medical director of natural paws veterinary care of Clinton Hill and hell’s kitchen. A few dogs may not be inquisitive about the lawn vegetable, but in case your canine seems to need a chunk, realize that cucumbers are not only non-poisonous in your dog, however, may also virtually gain his health in some unexpected approaches.

Advantages of cucumbers for puppies

“cucumbers are excessive in water content material, so feeding him a few slices may be an amazing manner to offer him with greater hydration,” says liff. “this could be useful in case your dog otherwise does no longer drink a great deal or wishes excess water in his eating regimen.”

A splendid training snack to take with you on long walks or to have as a treat outside on a warm day, cucumbers can reward your puppy with an applicable flavor, a boost of hydration, and won’t tack at the calories that different cookies and treats have.

The way to feed your dog cucumbers

Even as they incorporate a terrific amount of water, “cucumbers don’t have an excessive nutrient content material,” explains liff. “I’d recommend giving them as a snack or as a filler if the pet is on a weight loss plan and needs low-calorie alternatives to feature bulk to his meals.” recollect cutting up a cucumber and changing his usual cookie or schooling deal with with a few fresh slices, or chop up a cucumber and add a handful of portions to his food bowl.


You could like to treat your pet to little rewards at some point of the day, so stability the not-so-healthful alternatives with a beneficial, low-calorie substitute like cucumbers—you may even locate that your dog prefers a cucumber slice to his traditional sugar-stuffed cookie or treat.

Make sure to seek advice from your veterinarian before feeding your dog any new foods.

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