Oral Flea Medication for Dogs, Is Good?

Oral Flea Medication for Dogs

In the market, there are many brands of fleas both oral and topical. The oral version can be divided into two categories:

1) Emergency use: Your animal never had fleas, but it went on a walk and came back infested. Then you can give your dog the pill before you take him home. Thus, the remedy already begins to act, killing the adult fleas that are in the body of pet and sting it – since the medication will be in the bloodstream, it is necessary that flea chop the animal to die. So your house won’t be infested. However, these products only last 24 to 72 hours in the animal’s body. Then they will be eliminated from the bloodstream.

2) The second category of oral anti-fleas has a different molecule that stores the drug in the body of the animal and promotes a slow release in its bloodstream. Soon, the product lasts longer in the pet organism. In that case, the flea also has to sting the pet she dies. The advantage of this medication: it does not lose effectiveness with the animal’s frequent baths. However, carefully evaluate each animal to know whether or not it can make use of oral anti-fleas. These products, for example, cannot be used if the pet does use some continuous use medications. In the case of both pregnant by, only the veterinarian can tell if this type of fleas is the best for your animal.

Already in relation to the topical anti-fleas, we have an immense range: talcum, collars, top spot medicines, pour on, sprays, shampoos… In addition to the brands, also vary the drugs used, concentration, the frequency of application. Some kill the flea by simple contact, already in other cases, the flea will need to sting the animal to die and some versions kill the flea when it will clean up and ingest the product impregnated in her body.


To use a medication like this, we should be attentive to the care reported by the manufacturer reports in the package leaflet, such as wearing gloves, applying to the weight and age of your pet, respect to the frequency of application, whether or not the animal needs to be pre-bathed for the product Act 100%!

In my opinion, most of the fleas available on the market are good and work. However, it all depends on the place where the animal lives, since the fleas found in the animal represent only 5% of the infestation. The other 95% are present in the environment. For example, if your pet lives with animals that are not treated the flea infestation may never end. – Oral Flea Medication for Dogs

The environment in which the animal lives can also interfere with the treatment. Taco or wood floors can hide young shapes, eggs and flea larvae that, as much as we clean, never die!!! As the problem is multifactorial, always look for recommendations from your trusted veterinarian. He will analyze the situation of your pet before indicating the best product to be used. You can also associate more than one treatment. After all, some cases require oral, topical and environmental associated medicines!