How to Clean Up Dog Poop on Carpet

How to Clean Up Dog Poop on Carpet

How to Clean Up Dog Poop on Carpet – It is quite common that some dogs – especially the puppies that are not yet trained – end up at some point doing their needs inside the house. Some may even do without wanting, others because they haven’t learned the right way to behave, it doesn’t matter much. What is really important in these situations is that you need to know how to properly clean the environment to not expose your dog, your family or yourself to any infection or illness.


How to Clean Up Dog Poop on Carpet
How to Clean Up Dog Poop on Carpet


How to Clean Up Dog Poop on Carpet

It seems silly, but if it doesn’t clean right, the dog can be doing the necessities in the wrong place always


The problem of smell

The urine of dogs possesses a very specific odor, which even after we clean sometimes remains. This odor is used by them to “mark territory” and so if not by clean properly, it can stay for a few days and make the environment rather unpleasant for the family and especially for visits.

Moreover, the biggest problem is that this odor of the urine or feces of the dog that marks its territory ends up attracting it to fulfill its needs in the same place afterwards, as the dogs behave according to their instincts, they are naturally guided by instinct To return to the place before used for your needs. If this is not cut at first it can become a big problem because the dog may end up catching the mania of doing your needs always in the wrong place. – How to Clean Up Dog Poop on Carpet


Clearing to remove all traces

Even when we clean and can’t feel the odor anymore, often some traces of it remains, and as the dog possesses a sense of smell up to 100 times greater than that of man, it will feel that odor easily, by AMIS that we cannot feel. So you should not only use common cleaning products such as carpet shampoos or ammonia.

The correct way to clean the pee or the poop that the dog does inside the house is: first clean the thick, take the poop and put in a sachet and trash, or dry the pee with a paper towel, newspaper, etc. Then you need to clean the floor that was targeted with some cleansing product for urine or feces of animals – they have a strong smell and are harmless to domestic animals and still avoid allergies. It’s easy to find products of that kind in pet shops. Before letting the animal or children circulate through the site you need to let the product dry well on the floor. – How to Clean Up Dog Poop on Carpet

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