Food Allergies in Cats, What are The Symptoms and How to Treat it??

Food Allergies in Cats

Food Allergies in Cats – How to find out if your cat is developing any food allergy, what are the symptoms and how to treat it? Take your doubts down with us.

Which is? Allergy is an abnormal and specific reaction of the organism aftersensitizationby a foreign substance that does not generate problems in the majority of the individuals. In cats, it manifests mainly indermatological problems, but it can also generate gastrointestinal, respiratory and nervous reactions.

Food Allergies in Cats
Food Allergies in Cats


When do they manifest? Cats usually have allergies to foods that consume them most often and usually show them between2 and 6years of age. Usually, they accompany other allergies such as contact and inhalation.

Causes? In cats, the elements that cause the most allergy are beef, seafood, lamb, corn, soy, wheat gluten, and dairy products. Here on the blog of Adopt a Ronron we already talked about cats consume milk, check it out!


Symptoms? The symptoms of food allergies tend to be the same as all other allergies, and itching is the main symptom. It can also trigger dermatitis and loss of hair.

Diagnosis? Watching the food the animal is eating is the key to discovery. Because other allergies are similar, a provocative test can be performed by the veterinarian, putting the animal on a special diet for weeks without suspect food. When reinserting the food suspected of being the cause of the allergy, the return of the symptoms should be observed. There are also elimination diets for these tests. Consult your trusted veterinarian!

Treatment? Treatment is often obvious, not exposing the animal to foods that cause allergy. Of course, medications to decrease symptoms during seizures may be prescribed. Care should be taken during meals so that they do not eat anything unduly, nor lick dishes and glasses. Hands and faces should also be washed after meals to avoid contamination of animals with allergies.

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