How Many Days can My Cat Stay Home Alone – If we plan to go on vacation but we have a life that we share with a cat, leaving him alone is an option that many of us do not contemplate. But sometimes situations can arise in which we have no choice but to do so, for example, to visit the family or to take a work trip.

How Many Days can My Cat Stay Home Alone


In those cases, it is necessary to ask how many days my cat can stay home alone since the answer will depend, to a large extent, on the duration of our trip.

A cat that is very used to being with the family is an animal that will not like too much being alone. In fact, it would not be strange at all if we returned to find him a little sad or, on the contrary, too happy and that he did not want to be separated from us. And it is not true that these cats are completely independent. Of course, they do not behave like dogs, but they can become the same (or even more) dependent on the love we give them.


For this reason, we must think very well if we are going to leave our friend alone or if it is going to be better that we ask a person of trust to take care of them in our absence.

The truth is that it is not easy to know how many days we can leave it alone since it will depend on the character of our furry and his health. For example:

  • Old and/or sick cat: can not be alone. It is necessary that someone visits him every day.
  • Young kitten (from 3 months): nothing is going to happen for being a couple of days alone at home, but it is not advisable to leave it at that.
  • Adult cat (from the year) and healthy: it depends on your character:
    Affectionate, sociable: if it is an animal that melts with caresses and that loves the company, you should not leave alone.
    Solitary, surly: if he is a hairy one who does not like too much that they give him affection, he can be alone up to 3 days.

I hope you have found it useful 😀