How Many Hours a Day do Cats Sleep

How Many Hours a Day do Cats Sleep


How Many Hours a Day Do Cats Sleep?

How Many Hours a Day do Cats Sleep
how long do cats sleep at night

Does kitty seem to sleep too much? Is it normal?

A lot of people wonder if it’s normal the number of hours your cats sleep. That’s because your cats seem to sleep all day. Would that be healthy?

Yes, it’s normal and healthy. The household cats get to sleep about 70% of their lives. So if your cat sleeps up to 17 hours a day, be carefree.

Pretty much, huh? So the restlessness of people, looking to know how many hours a cat sleeps every day. They’re right to be amazed.

Curious is also the fact that when awake, cats come to spend almost 30% of that time clearing.

Therefore, since they are sleeping enough, they do not produce much noise and are themselves responsible for their hygiene, know that the population of cats around the world has only increased. In many countries, she’s already superior to dogs.


Yes, that’s right: maybe it won’t take long so that the cat population around the world is higher than dogs!


And what determines the sleep of cats?

Well, a lot of things. The race, the age, the lifestyle. Even the fact that you were alone or having the company of other cats influences that – you would also sleep more of being alone all day in an apartment without much to do.

And even the season of the year: or do you think that just you want to sleep more in the winter? Oh, you’re joking! In the cold everyone wants to stay warm, sleeping more!