How to Tell if a Kitten is Male or Female

How to Tell if a Kitten is Male or Female

How to Tell if a Kitten is Male or Female – When we have newly born kittens or when we find a feline in the street and we adopt it, it’s normal to arise the question about what sex it is. In the case of infant cats, it is not as evident as in adult cats or as in other animals, for example, the dog, so it is convenient to discover the characteristics of both and learn how to know whether a cat is male or female. In this article, we give you some guidelines that will help you discover the sex of the cat.

How to Tell if a Kitten is Male or Female
how to tell the gender of a cat


How to Tell if a Kitten is Male or Female


  1. The first step we should give if we want to know whether a cat is male or female is to put it upside down so that it can observe the sexual organs. Ideally, the animal’s anus zone is facing you to be able to examine with detail your organs.
    If you are going to do this procedure with an adult cat, try to be the cat to get close to you, try stroking it in the end zone of the back, to be easier to visualize the genital region. If the cat’s more bait, it’s hardly going to let you grab him, so you should try to get him closer and be him turning his back on you.
    If it’s a baby kitten, it’ll be much easier to get to see his genital region, although it’s harder to distinguish his sex because his genitals aren’t fully developed yet. Don’t worry that you’ll be able to quietly identify the sex of your kitten by guiding our indications and images!
  2. How to know if your cat is female? Females are readily recognizable, since their vulva is right behind the anus, although two different organs are not separated between them. The separation space between the anus and the vulva is. If you see well, it resembles this punctuation mark;
  3. In the case of males you will see that his penis is behind the anus, but among them there is a separation, which corresponds to the testicles, then we have the protruding penis, but in the case of newborns is very small and is inside the foreskin, so by seeing it, we identify better two small holes, similar to this sign of punctuation:
  4. When the cat makes a month and a half will be more evident his sex, in the case of females we’ll see more clearly the anus and vulva without a space that separates them, in the case of males the testicles are more evident and palpable.
    Sometimes the color of the naked cats can give us some clues about their sex. Usually, the Cats with 3 colors (black, white and orange) called turtles or tricolors, are females in 99% of cases. As opposed, yellow or orange-colored kittens are almost always males. However, you should always confirm the sex of the cat through the methods that we indicated to you earlier, because sometimes the genetics is surprising.
  5. The sex life of cats starts at a few months old and is at that time they start to be in heat. That’s why it’s important that you know how CIO is in cats so you know how to treat your pet these days of the year.
    The first thing you should know is that cats ‘ CIO differs according to their race and the physical conditions of the animal, so it is difficult to talk about a heating frequency because it is something that will depend on each animal. There are cats that can have six CIOs a year and others who will only have one or two times a year.
    During the period of the CIO, cats begin to go through a predisposition of their sexual organs that are prepared to reproduce. The cat lives the CIO in a more intense way than the males since during the heat, it keeps calling the cats so they will mate with it. If cats don’t come, the cat cries crawl through the ground and emits screaming like a baby.
    The CIO can last from 3 days to 7 days, approximately, and if the cat does not mate, its sexual system will be resting until the next heat. It is a natural process in which the animal calls the male to continue with the laws of nature: procreate.
  6. In addition to all the information, we give you in the article we recommend that you visit one of the sites reference in the animal world, the site of the animal expert, on this site can also see more information on how to know whether your cat is male or female.
    This article is merely informative, in the UmCOMO we have no ability to prescribe any veterinary treatment or conduct any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if this presents any kind of condition or malaise.

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2 thoughts on “How to Tell if a Kitten is Male or Female

  1. It’s very easy, look between its legs. if you see or feel a bump nearly under its lower abdomen directing forward towards its abdomen then its a male n that’s its pee-pee, if u feel nothing but a smaller bump almost at the rear end almost near its anus . its a female. and that’s its pee-pee. kittens so young sometimes develop balls a lil later so rely on this technique.
    i hope this help you

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