How to Get Cats to Like Each Other

How to Get Cats to Like Each Other (introduce one cat to another)


They say that having a cat is little, two is still not enough, three or more is wonderful! But what many people have difficulty is in the adaptation of the kittens.

Today we are going to give several tips on how to carry out the process of adapting the new cats to the old feline residents. Do not miss out and check out all our ideas.

Of course, there is a lot of difference between dogs and cats. Dogs usually have a good steady mood, nothing annoys them and they are always smiling. Cats, I say, have the almost human temperament, except for the evil that only humans are capable of.

Cats do not always want to talk, sometimes they like to be alone, affection is something they appreciate but not at all times. As much as we have done the process of domestication of the little ones, they still bring strong traits of their primitive nature. One proof of this is that they still like to hunt individually.

Amidst so many oddities, how to adopt a new cat? How to make the kitten who is already at home, owner of the situation, be friends with the newcomer?

How to Get Cats to Like Each Other
how to introduce cats to each other

Before the tips, I want to make it clear that this is a process. It can take days, weeks until everyone gets along. It may be that they do not quarrel anymore, but they are not friends. Like that boring colleague at work, you do not go without speaking, but you do not go to happy hour with him, do you understand?

They are very territorialistic and a new member is immediately considered intrusive, so calm, patience and love!


Extra cat, extra expense

Before adopting a new cat, make sure you have room for two or more cats at home. Think about the expenses a new feline will bring:

  • Increase of feed;
  • More sand ;
  • More sandboxes ;
  • Extra expense with periodic medicinal products (anti-flea and deworming) or possible medication in case of illness;
  • Spending with a veterinarian;
  • Vaccines;
  • Bed and toys for the new member.

If you can not afford it, stop at the first kitty. It is better to have a cute and cuddly kitten than two or more in a complicated situation. Being able to afford all the expenses, let’s go to the new member! 🙂


Cats are cats and they will act like cats

Yes, it seems so obvious but there are people who do not understand. You can not add a new member at home and think that your kitten will accept it like this without more or less. No use talking and explaining the situation, he will not understand. Imagine one fine day you wake up and face a stranger at the breakfast table?

Because they are so territorial, the first thing they will probably do is deny the new future friend.

It will take the whole family to want a new kitten and that everyone has a commitment to adaptation. They will adapt and be great friends in the future, believe me.


One room for each cat

At first, leave the kittens in separate rooms. Do not mess with the oldest kitten, leave his things where they have always been.

Put the litter box, bed, water, and food of the new friend in a separate place. But do not leave him in this room, go visit him every moment, cuddle, play. Let him realize that this is your new home. They are adapting gradually.

Of course, if you have space. That is one of the solutions, if you can not separate them, go try the others.



Feline Smell

Cats will adapt better if they get used to the smell of each other. Do the following, scratch a clean flannel or a pair of socks, pass on the newly arrived kitten and leave it with the “old” kitten in the house. Put the flannel in a place he likes to sleep, so he will get used to the smell of the new kitten. Do the same with the other cat.

After about three days, leave it for a few moments inside the transport box so that the host kitten can smell it. According to the weather, open the box and let the kitten leave. Even if there was a fuzz, do not fight with anyone, do not raise your voice. Make love and talk to him. If there is a mention of a fight, collect the kitten and separate them. At another time try again.


Toys and food

The moment of play and feeding are two of the best moments to adapt the cat.

Play with the two, cuddle just the same, offer a treat each time the two naturally accept the jokes. Having a scraper, mice and balls helps a lot.

Give a goofood when the two are together, try a small sachet. The idea is to associate each other’s presence with good things like your favorite food.

The important thing is that when cats are together you promote pleasurable situations for both of you.


Age and temperament

Some experts will say that age interferes and can influence adaptation.

Example: If you have an old kitten and adopt a baby it can be difficult for the household member to face a baby, you may not even have the patience for the jokes. Others disagree with this information.

If you have a very calm and loving kitten and adopt a very aloof, the adaptation may take a little longer, but nothing that time does not solve.


General information

  • You do not have to follow all these steps, nor this order, maybe they will adapt on the first try;
  • These tips serve not only for newcomers but also for kittens that have been living together for a long time and still do not get along;
  • If you try and it does not work, maybe it’s because you have not tried enough. Start all over again and in the end, if nothing really works, find a veterinarian. He may pass on some specific medication that will help in the process;
  • Do not favor confrontation, have toys, bed, drinking fountain, feeder all in sufficient quantity for all cats;
  • Do not give up. The adjustment may take a while, but that does not mean you should give up. I know several cases where friendship between cats seemed impossible and today one does not live without the other.

Adoption is something very serious. You can not promise a warm home filled with snacks, toys, love, affection, and suddenly returning the kitten to a cold impersonal shelter, or worse, playing in the street as if it were something disposable.

The adaptation may take a while because usually these kittens have suffered a lot. Some were tortured, injured, hungry, thirsty, lived in the streets, it is very difficult for them to trust people and other cats.

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