How to Tell If My Cat Is Sick: Adult Cat Evidence List

How to Tell If My Cat Is Sick: Adult Cat Evidence List


Cats are usually animals that spend the day sleeping, eating and playing, with a calm and relaxed attitude. It is important to know your usual conduct and behavior in order to distinguish if he is wrong.

How to Tell If My Cat Is Sick: Adult Cat Evidence List
How to Tell If My Cat Is Sick: Adult Cat Evidence List

An alarm signal that your cat is not doing well is his apathetic and inactive attitude. Several signs will give you the key to knowing when you are sick. You should look for these signs in your behavior and appearance:

  • Moment of rest. It is important to know how long your cat sleeps. If it is excessive, more than normal, a disease may be incubating.
  • Temperature control. Check your pet’s body temperature to see if it has a fever. This lack is usually accompanied by poor appetite, a lot of sleep and a lackluster coat.
  • Watch your sandbox. Frequency of use of the litter box and remains of excrement and urine may indicate signs of illness. See if you have difficulty or if you see blood or mucus in your urine if you have diarrhea or are constipated; These are causes that indicate that you have a disease.
  • Feeding moment. The fact that not eating as usual, with the same appetite, or even not tasting enough, is a clear sign that something is not right. kidney problems.
  • Pay attention to its hydration. The amount of water you drink is also indicative that something is happening. Some kidney diseases, types of infections, thyroid problems or diabetes cause thirst. You can tell if your cat is dehydrated by grasping the skin between his shoulder blades and moving it gently and then releasing it. If the skin does not return quickly, it is likely to be dehydrated.
  • Controls your body weight. Weight changes are significant, usually due to some illness, so we advise you to seek expert help.
  • Examine your coat. Dull, dull, and knotted fur is a symptom that the cat is sick. If you do not clean yourself, as usual, you may be arthritic or stressed.
  • Look for clear symptoms. If your pet vomits continuously, has diarrhea for more than 24 hours, is more listless and tired than usual, lacking in energy, breathing problems…
  • Attentive to brushing. At these times of hygiene, there may be large or foul smells which indicate that there may be a serious problem.
  • Examine the eyes and nose. In the case of excessive secretion, it is advisable to take it to the specialist, also if you have very dilated pupils.
  • Check your jaw. The gums are another sign that tells us if something can be wrong, if we see a discoloration of the gums if they become paler, and also bad breath.
  • Controls possible diseases. Watch your pet and if you have fleas or other parasites that may cause you some illness. In Tiendanimal we have a variety of antiparasitic products so that your cat is always healthy, comfortable and clean.

Before any of these symptoms, don’t wait and take it to the vet. He, better than anyone, can diagnose what happens to your cat and give him the best medicine to look good again.


How to tell if my cat is sick with older cat review

As we have already seen there are several tests you can do with your cat to know if it is sick, many can be seen at first sight, but you should not forget to take it to the vet regularly. He is the specialist and who will put in the relevant vaccines and will perform the medical examinations you need.


Briefly, you should keep in mind the following parts of your pet to examine its health and see if it is sick: jaw, nose, eyes, coat, joints, digestive system and overweight. Depending on your cat’s behavior and needs, it is certainly easier for you to realize when he is in bad shape.

Do you know how your cat behaves? what level of daily activity? Knowing your way of being and your customs will help to identify that something does not go normally. Once you know it, play with your pet, take care of it, and pay close attention.