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Best Puppy Food for French Bulldog


Best Puppy Food for French Bulldog – All living things need to be fed. As human beings, we think very well about what we should or should not eat, what makes us sick and what makes us good, what makes us fat and what helps to maintain the line and even what favors our growth and what can harm. Let’s find out for our French Bulldog – Ideal Feeding.

Best Puppy Food for French Bulldog

Best Puppy Food for French Bulldog


Feed for French Bulldog

We have to think about what makes them good or what’s wrong, which helps them maintain a balanced diet and what can help the growth of our four-legged friends. The most normal feed we offer our French bulldog is usually the ration.

But what is the best ration for French bulldog? The ration is one of the safe options, but it is not the only hypothesis. The French bulldog feed, besides being a balanced choice, is a very practical option.

The French bulldog is a dog that, like all the others, has some deficiencies and has the characteristics of a dog of small size but muscular and with a strong formation, all this is something to consider when we think in which ration is the most adequate.

The French bulldog feed should contain nutrients that help the dog’s digestive and cutaneous sensitivities, should help to combat any problems in the joints and should be adapted to the brachiocephalic morphology of the French bulldog.

Many of us suffer from the eternal question, what will be best for my French bulldog? Food or food just like mine?

Any owner has already spent a lot of time thinking about this doubt and many still have it. Besides wanting to give the best food to our bigeye, we also want to give them what they like best.

Yeah! They can also be weird with food and not eat everything, some may prefer the ration and others may want a “human food”.

Feeding is the most common option for animals. As it has been said, the French bulldog feed is a balanced choice since, nowadays, rations are made to maintain the balance of the most important and necessary proteins for our pets.

But of course, not all are the best rations and the recommended ones for our friend, we have to take into account our dog’s nutritional needs and specific characteristics. In addition to the necessary nutrients, we also have to think about the doses of feed we give and, for this, we must take into account the age and weight of the animal. The best rations for your French Bulldog are those of Royal Canin and Advance.

The best of these brands is that they have specific products for the breed of your French Bulldog and for the different ages:


Royal Canin French Bulldog Breed

For the period between 2 and 12 months of age of the pet, we must choose a ration that meets the nutritional requirements of the baby and achieve a healthy growth, so the best option is Royal Canin Junior French Bulldog.


Advance French Bulldog or Royal Canin French Bulldog

From the age of 12 months our companion animal begins to have other nutritional deficiencies, so we must exchange the French Junior French Bulldog feed for an adult French Bulldog.


These brands of feed are not unique in the market. There are also other brands such as the Cibau ration, the Pedigree ration, and the Friskies ration. These three brands of ration are very good and have a lot of variety of flavors, besides being available for different ages.

But they do not have a specific ration range for French bulldogs. If you prefer to choose one of these three brands, it is best to choose the small breed ration range. And very important, if you want to change the brand of your French bulldog’s feed, do not forget to do the ‘weaning’, it is very important that you keep this in mind!


What if your pet does not like ration? What you can do? Well, you can choose to give your French bulldog the food you consume. But be careful! Inquire well what foods you can or can not give your pet, some food can be toxic to animals. Choosing this type of food entails advantages and disadvantages:

➜ An advantage of this feed is that it can vary much more in the type of food that we can give our animal, but this variation can be a disadvantage, considering that it can influence, by the negative, the gastrointestinal tract of the animal

➜ Increase the affective bond between the dog and his human companion

➜ More attention needs to be paid to the nutrients of each food to maintain a balance of vitamins and nutrients

➜ The greater amount of water present in household food makes digestion easier and makes food more appealing with respect to the taste

➜ There are no dubious chemical additives

➜ Decreased odor of feces and gasses

Obviously, we have to be careful when we choose this type of food and these care are not very different from those we have to take when we consume these same foods:

➜ Cook the meat given to the animal

➜ To inform ourselves about the food we can give the animal

➜ We should not mix ration with homemade food, that is, we must choose either one or the other to avoid imbalances, however nothing prevents us from giving ration at a first resort and then give homemade food, but taking into consideration the doses

➜ Give special attention to fats because of intestinal sensitivity

➜ Do not leave food outdoors for more than 30 minutes

The feeding options are many and we have to think above all about the well-being and tastes of our animal. Both feed and home feed are beneficial, in their own way, to our dog. As long as we inform ourselves in advance of what is the best and most accurate for our animal, we do not run the risk of making a wrong decision.

In short, the best ration for our French bulldog is the one that gives you all the nutrients our friend needs and the best home food is also the one that gives you all the vitamins you need to grow and live healthily.