How to Clean a Dogs Anal Glands

How to Clean a Dogs Anal Glands

How to Clean a Dogs Anal Glands – This matter is an alert to the owners; it is not a possible diagnosis or less a screenplay for medication.


How to Clean a Dogs Anal Glands
How to Clean a Dogs Anal Glands


If you notice a strong and unpleasant smell on your dog even after the baths or realize that he started rubbing your butt on the floor more frequently or is presenting difficulty to defecate it is possible that he is with the anal gland, or anal bag inflamed or infected.

Many people do not know, but dogs have a scholarship that is known as the anal gland or anal bag.
There in this gland, there is a very strong smelling substance, even unpleasant, of thick or milky consistency, lightly oily.

Your function is to leave the smell of your brand or identification, which may serve to demarcate territory or even present as an identification.

The moment the dog defecates the gland is triggered and the feces carries with it a little of that substance.
Unfortunately for some dogs, something can go wrong. Because of feeding or even some external physical effect is possible that the gland may have problems and then it ignites.

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How to Clean a Dogs Anal Glands

To avoid this is recommended in some cases that the gland cleaning is routinely done each bath; but by the person who knows what it is doing. Trying to do a cleaning not properly can trigger an inflammation. If you can’t do it right, you better not do it.

In acute cases, you need surgery. In simpler cases of inflammation; it is possible to have a very effective and inexpensive treatment, bringing the health of your puppy to fullness in a few days (from 1 week to 10 days). Treatment is done with anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. However only visiting a professional is that you can evaluate the case and medicate. This matter is for the owners to be alerted to the signals and can circumvent the problem before something simple can become a serious problem avoiding high costs and the suffering of the animal.

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