How Often should you Change Cat Litter – Every litter will smell a bit ‘so the best question might be how to make a sandpit smell better.Which can be set by how often you clean your garbage, what kind of garbage you have, and also the type of waste that you are actually using. We start looking at the two types of junk that exist.

How Often should you Change Cat Litter


How Often should you Change Cat Litter

Open Style Litter Box

This is one, such as a drawer or a box that is not covered. The litter is generalized on the tray and then left there without any kind of cover. While this may be unpleasant for some people, it is usually placed in a position that is out of sights, such as a basement, or closet. Why it is not covered there is a better chance of a good air circulation. This means that as log how to clean regularly there is less chance of smells or odors being held in an area.


Closed Box Litter

These are boxes that have a sort of top cover, and there are also parts of it as well. Usually, they are only open at the front where your cat can get in and out. Although these are better in terms of clutter cover and every poop, even they do not have great air movement. So if there is a smell or a strong odor, then it is much stronger in this kind of dialogue. Which, in turn, means you will need to clean more regularly. Cats are very reluctant to do their business if the box is stinky.

So if you want to know how to get rid of a litter smell then one of the best solutions is regular daily cleaning. The more times you are able to do it then you will have more control of odors. Once a day is ideal, but should never be longer than 2 days. This is how often you should clean your garbage to ensure that odors can not accumulate.



Changing a litter

Cute cats

How often do you have to clean a litter box?

Opinions are divided on this lightly, and to be honest, this is not dependent on a number of issues. I mentioned the general guidelines that I would follow. However, if you have a kitten or a younger cat, so you can clean the garbage maybe every 2-3 days.

Just remember that when you are actually cleaning the litter box, you do not need to throw away the entire litter. All you have to do is remove any poop or any lumps that have formed due to moisture from cat urine.

The rest of the cat litter has not been touched and can still be used. I tend to replace all the trash once a month, and when I am doing this, then I thoroughly wash and clean the litter box.


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Interesting Facts Cat

  • When cats leave their poop spotted, it is a sign of aggression so you know they are not afraid of you. In fact, are they trying to show who the boss is?
  • Cats sleep for about 70% of their lives
  • There are 88 million pet cats in the United States
  • Cats really do not like milk at all