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Want to Travel with Your Cat? Learn How to Make it Look Good in The Shipping Box


The task of putting a cat in a transport box is arduous and requires redoubled patience not to generate traumas and disturbances in your ride
On the 17th of February, World Cat Day was celebrated. Thus, nothing more just that in this post of the Animal Journey we pay special attention to the pussy when traveling.

First of all, it is important to note that cats are animals that like burrows and are not accustomed to routine changes. Another trademark is that they are very curious and have a strong exploitative vein. Hence they look suspiciously at the shipping box at the time of travel. That’s because they relate the object to the trips to the veterinarian and of course, this gives damn stress and putting the furry in the box can become a pain.

Travel with Your Cat

Well, but you have a trip, get ready to take your cat and he will need to stay long periods inside the box? So prepare your luggage because there are tips to make the transport box in an environment where your kitten feels safe and comfortable.

A first strategy – and perhaps the most important – is to show the cat that a box is a safe place where he can rest, relax and feel fully protected. So letting the box be part of the in-house environment is a must-have factor. The ideal is to leave the box without the doors, in a place of free access, preferably in the room where the pet passes most of the time and is already accustomed to that environment.

An advantage when introducing the box into the cat’s daily life is that felines are curious animals and leave the object where the animal stays longer will fan the explorer side of the pussy. If it shows initial resistance, you can try to leave inside the box sachets with food or your favorite toys. The younger the cat, the greater its contact with the box, the faster its adaptation. This is because they come to associate that space as their place of rest and relaxation.

Another cool idea is to put a rug or keep inside the box to make it comfortable. Remember, he (the cat ) has to recognize that environment as his lair, his home. Therefore, the pet needs to feel comfortable and comfortable.


For those more fearful cats, inducing entry into the box with sachets of food is a good tactic. First, you can start by leaving the sachet at the entrance of the door. Later, in the cat’s own interest, this food can migrate more and more to the inside of the box, until the kitten stays there for longer.



Not everything is flowers. Not all cats adapt easily. So, if you plan to travel with your pet, try doing these exercises at least a month before your trip. With this care, you prevent your furry from straining too much when entering the box feeling uncomfortable by staying there for hours during transportation. This is true for travel by car, bus or plane.

Another tip to lessen the stress of your cat in the shipping box is to drip on a cloth natural tranquilizing solutions in drops between three and two days before the trip.

Pay attention to the choice of box. Those very malleable, without support at the base end up making the animals uncomfortable and, consequently, do not bring the feeling of security. Choose hard-bottomed boxes with lockable doors. Zipper doors is to underestimate the cleverness of the kittens. Not infrequently they open them, they disappear. Choose boxes that have ventilation but are not fully open or transparent. The box has to be the extension of the cats’ lair. Too much brightness can scare them.

Adapting your kitten to the transport box is a key element to make the trip a success and a pleasure for all.