Why does My Cat Sleep on Me

Why does My Cat Sleep on Me?


Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me? As long as we are living cold days, no problem, because we need a little extra heat at night, but in the summer it can be a bit uncomfortable. Would you like to know why your cat likes to sleep on top of you regardless of the time of year? In this article, we will tell you this.

Why does My Cat Sleep on Me


Sleep on top of you, your cat’s favorite activity

It’s time to go to bed and it seems like the ritual will be fulfilled once again: as you prepare to lie down, your cat licks itself at the possibility of a night very close to you … so close that he even chooses to stay on top of your body to rest. For a few minutes you can bear it, but there comes a time when you want him to move or get out of bed. Why does he have this attitude?


Why does My Cat Sleep on Me?

1. Because you feel safe

When they are babies, cats sleep very close to their mother. As a matter of instinct, now the mother is you. Then he will repeat his habits of the first months of life. If your pet wants to sleep on top of you, it is because he wants to feel safe against a possible attack. By being in touch with you, he knows that nothing bad can happen to you.


2. To feel more comfortable

It does not matter if you bought him the most expensive bed and a mattress that is taller than yours … there is nothing that offers more convenience than the owner’s body. He will seize every curve available to put his paws, his belly or head and so will stay for several hours.


3. Due to heat

Animals usually sleep stretched out in the sun to receive warmth naturally. At night, as there is no sun, they must provide heat from some other source. And your body is perfect for that! Even though it is summer, the cat needs this warmth to sleep. In winter, they want even more sleep between their legs and the blankets.



4. To protect our soul

Not everything in the cat’s life revolves around your needs or desires. He is also alert to take care of cat owner and protect him, should anything bad happen. Felines connect to people in a more special way, through their energy. They can see the aura and detect the bad or negative energies that want to take over us. In the face of such a situation, they “attack” it with its good vibrations … and we sleep peacefully.


5. To show love

Who said cats are scary and do not love us? If your feline prefers to sleep on top you are because he loves you with passion. This is one of the ways he has to express what he feels, without words and without very noticeable affective acts (as when a dog moves its tail when we arrive).


6. To calm you down

If, as soon as you get home, the first thing you do is lie down on the couch and then your cat lies on top of you, it’s because he realized that the hours you spent outside the house stressed you. Surely you will hear and feel your beautiful purr … this sound serves to reassure us and relax us a little. More effective than an immersion bath!


7. Because you remember your past

Cats are always reminiscing about newborn times when they were in the care of their mother. For this reason, if in addition to sleeping on top of you, it also ” kneads ” you with your front paws, it is putting into action a reflex act of feeding on breast milk. Undoubtedly it is another demonstration of affection on the part of the felines and that is the most important for them.


8. To warn of diseases

As we have said before, cats can “sniff” the energies that surround us. If your feline insists on sleeping on you but always in one place of your body, pay attention to this sign. Possibly this may indicate some disease. Do not be scared, maybe it’s nothing serious. But it is always worth consulting a doctor.